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Golden word about Girls true story

A woman was pregnant When husband finds out If you have a daughter in koch Her abortion Want to do Sad to his wife What does a husband say listen, Do not kill this little kali, She loves me so much Will loot Whatever the broken dreams, Again decorate it …

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In this age where women are at par with men in all respects, why do we still cling to the outdated idea of the ‘superiority’ of the ladke vaale over the daughter’s parents?

  In today’s urban India parents raise their girl child just as equally as they would raise a boy child. They encourage the girl to study, play and compete with her peers. She is free to pursue higher studies, travel far and wide and quite sometimes even to choose her …

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Tips For a Healthy Relationship

Get to know your partner well: Ask about your partners thoughts and feelings and share your own Understand and be sensitive to each other’s worries and needs Express sincere interest in each other Discuss what you expect in the relationship  Demonstrate affection and respect toward each other: Give and receive …

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