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Stereotypes ???

Stereotypes Burt described rape as the psychological extension of a dominant-submissive sex-role stereotyped culture. Socioculturally transmitted attitudes toward women, rape, and rapists can predict sexual violence.[30] Such stereotypes are often internalized from the male dominated sociocultural milieu. Sexual violence can result from a misogynist attitude prevalent in a culture. It …

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Why are there so many rapes in India?

We have a lot of people. Crimes always go proportional to population. In any society, you can assume one in 1000 will be crooks and criminals. If your whole nation is just 1 million people, you need to deal with only 1000 such crooks. If you have 1000 million people, you …

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Rape protest ban fails to stop crowds in India

Rape protest ban fails to stop crowds in India Protests have been banned in the Indian capital New Delhi amid violent weekend demonstrations over the gang rape of a young woman last week. However, a journalist covering protests in Manipur was fatally shot by police. Angry demonstrations have continued for …

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#MeToo: ‘Sexual predators’ list divides Indian feminists

A list of alleged sexual predators, comprising mainly professors from Indian universities, was recently posted and spread virally on social media, once again shining a spotlight on the issue of sex crimes in India. Following the #MeToo social media campaign, initiated last month by women worldwide to share experiences with sexual harassment, …

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