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How Can I Be Happy

I talk to a lot of folks going through depression and suicidal tendencies. One thing that’s common among them is that they don’t feel important anymore in life. They feel like there is no purpose in life. Generally, they aren’t happy. Let’s think about that for a minute. What is …

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How To Overcome Depression

Depression That moment when you feel like the sky is falling down on you. Everything you do becomes terrible mistakes. People talk behind your back. You end up alone in a room, not able to share your worries to anyone. You feel alone in a crowd. Vultures all around, waiting …

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System and Lifeworld

No matter how we enjoy our work, there is a distinct disconnect between our professionals and personal /social lives. A major reason for this gap is the perceived degree of control we have over what we do in the two spheres. in the former, we generally do as we are …

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The Origin of Cancer

I have said many times that diseases, in as much as it is not a product of accidents or unwitting external or self poison, is a result of man not being able to come to terms with his conscience. This statement goes beyond one earth life in some cases, although …

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Bye bye clock see you again bye

I’ve observed that small groups and get-togethers are very enriching sources of social information. Discussions are easier, people express their views with greater freedom and conviction. The atmosphere is relaxed and chatty. Some of my best insights come from such small dinners with people who are easy and open about …

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