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An occupy movement It’s time women

It’s time women reclaimed their right to equal access to public spaces, Denying women safe and equal access to public spaces violates the most basic constitutional guarantees of equality and dignity. Photo: PTI If it’s Mumbai one year, it’s Delhi the next, and sometimes it’s both together. New Year’s eve …

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Violence against women hurts the econom

India is caught in a depressing cycle of lack of empowerment of women and low economic productivity in society There are obviously many reasons to be appalled and sickened by the continuing—and possibly even increasing—violence against women that plagues Indian society. It is true that this is not a new …

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Understanding the male principle

If sexual violence is to be addressed, men must get involved. They are part of the problem, they need to be part of the solution Today Bangalore, yesterday everywhere, tomorrow anywhere. Every few months, yet another incident of sexual harassment or assault somewhere across this vast country grabs the attention …

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