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Who are India’s real traitors?

It is India’s wealthy elite that is turning its back on the nation and its people, not Arundhati Roy The writer Arundhati Roy, once a national heroine for being the first Indian to win the Booker prize, today finds herself a reviled figure. The demonisation of Roy has taken just …

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In this age where women are at par with men in all respects, why do we still cling to the outdated idea of the ‘superiority’ of the ladke vaale over the daughter’s parents?

  In today’s urban India parents raise their girl child just as equally as they would raise a boy child. They encourage the girl to study, play and compete with her peers. She is free to pursue higher studies, travel far and wide and quite sometimes even to choose her …

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The Girl Who Says Yes To Everyone

I try to please everyone I can because I hate the look of disappoint on someone’s face. It sends chills to my core, and with everything in me, I can’t shake the feeling of knowing I let another person down. But just like the people I say yes to, we …

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Why should we Support Girl Education in India

India’s rural gap has its roots in the assumption that girls are destined to be homemakers and nothing else. Girls are therefore deprived of education, as only boys are considered future breadwinners. As a result, women’s access to education and other opportunities is held back, until she is pushed below …

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