Tuesday , February 20 2018
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System and Lifeworld

No matter how we enjoy our work, there is a distinct disconnect between our professionals and personal /social lives. A major reason for this gap is the perceived degree of control we have over what we do in the two spheres. in the former, we generally do as we are …

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The Origin of Cancer

I have said many times that diseases, in as much as it is not a product of accidents or unwitting external or self poison, is a result of man not being able to come to terms with his conscience. This statement goes beyond one earth life in some cases, although …

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Bye bye clock see you again bye

I’ve observed that small groups and get-togethers are very enriching sources of social information. Discussions are easier, people express their views with greater freedom and conviction. The atmosphere is relaxed and chatty. Some of my best insights come from such small dinners with people who are easy and open about …

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Each Day Is A Gift

Every day the sun comes up we say to ourselves “Here’s one more day. Presently what do I need to do today?” We escape our beds, put the espresso up to mix, maybe turn on the PC to perceive what is happening on the planet before we do whatever else. …

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Layer Your Bed

The mind-set of the room begins with the bed. Your bed is regularly the biggest household item in your room and in this manner your eye is consequently drawn there first. Here is the place your own taste can go up against it’s very own flare. Your enriching starts with …

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