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About Us HEY FRIENDS,WELCOME TO MY MISSION A Mission Save Girls Back is An Initiative by Vinod Oswal to bring Happiness and Difference in the Lives of Under Privileged You can become a part of our efforts and their Happiness by donating to Registered GOD SENT ME FOR YOU TRUST ( NON PROFIT ) on this Website. www.savegirlsurya.com Click to watch videos of our Help Projects, Through this Cause we help Under Privileged kids / Poor Girls / Girls Education / Old age homes / Woman empowering / Domestic Violence etc, 📧 :- savegirlsurya@gmail.com

आसिफा का खत निर्भया के नाम

आसिफा का खत निर्भया के नाम:- आदर्णीय निर्भया तुम कहां हो? दीदी मैं तुम्हें ढूंढ रही हूं क्योंकि मुझे समझ नहीं आ रहा कि मैं किससे अपना दर्द कहूं। हम सगी बहनें तो नहीं लेकिन हमारे बीच एक जैसे दर्द का रिश्ता है। इसलिए मैं तुम्हीं से कहती हूं। दीदी …

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The difference between TDS and TCS

In Income Tax, an assessee’s total income for the previous year is taxable in the assessment year. Although there are certain provisions in the act, through which, the recovery of tax on income, is possible in the previous year itself, i.e. through TDS, TCS, and payment of advance tax. If …

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How to delete your Facebook account permanently

How to delete your Facebook account permanently Want to learn how to delete your Facebook account? In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to permanently delete Facebook, and explain the difference between deactivating and deleting your account. There are more reasons than ever why you might want to delete …

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The Power to Change Communities

The Power to Change Communities A cause marketing campaign can increase your businesses sales and drive good publicity. Recession-era shoppers have a keen interest in buying from companies that support vital causes. And with most American consumers researching purchases online prior to spending their dollars, studies show they rely largely …

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Customer Loyalty Brings Long-Term Sales

Customer Loyalty Brings Long-Term Sales The newest insights into loyalty programs reveal the best ways to engage customers. Great companies don’t just win new customers, they bring them back for more. Right now, building relationships with current customers is of the utmost importance, since belt-tightening consumers choose to buy from …

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Marketing and Sales Must Work in Unison

Marketing and Sales Must Work in Unison Follow these tips for creating promotional materials that work as hard as you do. This story appears in the March 2010 issue of Startups » Great marketing materials lower the cost of selling and raise the return on your marketing investment. Does your new business have …

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