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System and Lifeworld

No matter how we enjoy our work, there is a distinct disconnect between our professionals and personal /social lives. A major reason for this gap is the perceived degree of control we have over what we do in the two spheres. in the former, we generally do as we are required. The social arena which comprises our interactions with family and the society at large amid professional and administrative sphere in which we work or interact with institutional authority. This include all aspect of life, which includes family life, culture and informal social interactions. it is sphere within which we lead much of our social and personal life. The lifeworld is based on a tacit fund of shared meanings and understanding that enable us to perform actions that we know others will comprehend. Thus our day to day actions that we perform in the lifeworld are generally communicative in nature.

Lifeworld may be conceived as a universe of what is self- evident or given, a world that subjects may experience together. The lifeworld is the fundamental question for all epistemological inquiries. The concept has its origin in biology and cultural Protestantism. The lifeworld concept is used mainly in social sciences.

In whatever we may be conscious of the world as a coherent universe of existing projects; each one of us needs to live together, belong to the world as living with one another in the world, and the world is our world, valid for consciousness as existing precisely through living together. we as living in a world that is constantly active and changing.

In contrast, the system refers to common patterns of strategic action that serve the interest of institutions and organizations. system actions are essentially driven by money and power. To put it somewhat crudely, system uses money and power to manipulate individuals to achieve its own.

Through history, the system arose from prevailing social conditions in the late 19th & 20th centuries. The system is therefore embedded in the lifeworld. Many people struggled to find that mythical balance between the former intrudes upon, invades and eventually takes over the latter. This has to do with personal choice. Although there are those who would say that we are free to opt out of the race.

The provisional concept of society proposed here is radically different in one respect from the Parsonian concept. The concept of lifeworld gained from an action -theoretical perspective under systems constituting environments for one another. The structural components of lifeworld became subsystems of a general system.

A world -system is a socioeconomic system, under systems theory, it encompasses part of all the globe, detailing the aggregate structural result of the sum of the interactions between polities. The system is the preeminent world-system operating in the contemporary world.

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