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Within the sample of 332, 64% of respondents were female.

Participants profile

Within the sample of 332, 64% of respondents were female. Mean age of participants was 20.22 ± 1.27 years. All the participants were undergraduates from the colleges of medicine (n = 55, 17%) engineering (n = 140, 42%), and arts (n = 137, 41%).

Attitude toward rape myth scale
While analyzing [Table 1], it was noted that 42 (33%) males and 39 (19%) females strongly agreed with the myth that “a woman can be raped against her will.” Regarding victim blaming behavior, 95 (75%) males and 154 (75%) females agreed that women should be responsible for preventing their own rape, while 88 (69%) males and 132 (64%) females agreed with the myth that during rape, a female should do everything she can do to resist. Thirty-nine (31%) males and 83 (41%) females believed that “rape occurs only when men’s sexual drive goes out of control,” while 164 (80%) females and 68 (53.5%) males disagreed with the myth “A woman should feel guilty following rape.” Out of the total participants, 62 (21.3%) males and 27 (30.2%) females supported the myth “A woman cannot be raped by husbands.” Most (rapes) are carried by strangers and occurred when they are alone at night. Former myth was supported by 33 (26%) males and 63 (30%) females while later was agreed by 26 (20.5%) males and 51 (25%) females. Around 101 (49.3%) female and 40 (31.5%) male responders disagree that “rapists are emotionally disturbed and not responsible for their actions.”

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