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India – Stop Rape not Rape Documentary

To Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley and Home Minister Rajnath Singh:
We urge you to guarantee that the documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ will be aired as soon as the judicial appeal process in the Delhi gang-rape case is complete. The documentary spotlights the dangerous attitudes within which rape and violence against women take place in India and needs to be confronted by both government and citizens. By banning this film, India is telling the world that the government is not ready to confront this enormous crisis in our society.‘India’s Daughter’ — a documentary on the Delhi gang-rape and the protests and reforms that followed — has been banned — but we must ensure the government and citizens hear its message.

I remember feeling sick to my stomach when I heard about Nirbhaya’s rape two years ago. Her trauma, her fight to live, her death 13 days later — shook us to the core, and saw an outpouring of public mobilisation on women’s rights the likes of which India had never seen before.

The current ban on the film says it will create “the possibility of public outcry and a law and order situation” — but that’s the government’s excuse to not face up to the reality of rape in India. Let’s demand a guarantee that the film will be aired as soon as the Delhi-rape convicts’ legal appeal ends.

India’s decision to ban the film has already received widespread international attention. If 50,000 of us call on Indian authorities to issue a guarantee, our voices will be too loud to ignore. Join this urgent campaign and tell everyone.

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