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Did Draupadi be shredded

One of the major events of the Mahabharata is ‘Draupadi Cheer Harn’, this is the incident that created Kauravas and Pandavas standing at the mouth of the war. Due to this hour, Bhima pledges to uproot Duryodhana’s litter; this is the incident in which Shri Krishna is prolonged his sari to keep Draupadi’s shame and preserve respect in his meeting.

Due to this incident, Shri Krishna had become closer to Pandavas, his stature was like the Lord, because he had rescued the shame of an ablace.

Let’s come to the point, do you know that Draupadi’s rip has not really happened? The Mahabharata is just saying that in my eyes.

When Pandav lost to Duryodhana along with the state in the gambling, Pandavas were like slaves and the status of Draupadi remained as maid, hence they no longer have the right to wear clothes like kings or princes. Was there. The same condition was also of Draupadi, but when Draupadi was brought to the meeting, not only Draupadi but also Pandav had also held high quality and fitting clothes, so it was said to wear their slave clothes and maid dresses. If so, what is the acharya?

When Yudhshastri Draupadi also lost, Duryodhana says, “Vindur, come here, you go and bring Pandavas’ beloved wife to Yama. He came here soon after the sinful and put a broom in my palace, he would now have to live with tens (Mahabharata – Gala festival, chapters 66 verses 10 Gita press)

When Vipur denies Drooddin’s lane, Duryodhana sends Pratikmi and says, “Drupada Kumari, Yudhshathir lost his serve by being frantic in the case of gambling, and even put you on hold and lost. Duryodhana has won you. Yajnasani! Now you see Maharaj in the castle of Dhartrashtra. I will take you to the work of a domesticated slave (gathering ceremony, chapter 67, verse 4)

What do these words seem like? Did Duryodhana want to do more than Draupadi’s docile power?

If you want to draw a saris of Drachiadi, then see the quotation of Chapter 68 verses 38 in this context, in which Duryodhana does not say anything in his own, then he will call Karna: “Shushan! This diagonal is very foolish but scholars make things happen, you should also wear clothes from Pandavas and Draupadi ”
It is a matter of note that Karna does not just ask for Droopadi’s clothes to land, but Pandu also asks for the clothes to land.

On this Vishpayan ji says, “Jumayjaya! All the Pandavas, listening to Karna, sat down in the meeting of their official cloaks (meeting chalan chapters 68, verses 39).

But Draupadi did not follow the Pandavas, because he did not consider himself defeated, then the grief would have to be obstinate that he would wear his official clothes to wear the maid’s clothes. This incident has been presented in such a way as if the miserable desire was to pull the garment of Draupadi and make it naked, so that the hatred towards the Kauravas in the public should be born and bear land for Pandavas and Krishna Krishna-Pandu By destroying the Kurus dynasty of war, and establishing the power of their Yadu dynasty.

There is no surprises in the case of Draupadi after the misery that has left its insistence. It has been made prevalent by saying that if Draupadi’s sarees grew from Krishna’s please, then there was no surprise. Otherwise if he wanted, could he not make Draupadi naked? Then if Duryodhana wanted it, could he not try to draw saris after the misery?

However, if Krishna had shown these miracles, then after this incident, the misery would again have the courage to say that ‘take this slave girl to your house’ (gathering, chapter 68, verses 89).

That is why it can be said that Droopadi did not have to rip away, but it was done only to defame Kauravas.

Duryodhana says in the verses 3 to 6 of Ch. Chapters 70, that if Arjuna, Bhima, Nakul and Sahdev tell you that if the warrior did not have any right to defeat Droopadi then he would free Draupadi from enslavement ” All Yudhisthira, Arjun and the rest of the brothers can not say anything clearly on this.

Even then, whose fault was it? Duryodhana or Draupadi, who called Duryodhana “blindness of the blindness of his son”, not only insulted Duryodhana, but also insulted the father-like Dhrishastrapur which, like Pandavas, understood their sons, who did not distinguish them, they were very similar to the Kaurava princes And introduced modern education, which never wanted Pandavas to spoil.

Krishna, who always claimed to be on the side of justice, also once blamed Droopadi for his wrong behavior, while he was his sister-in-law, perhaps he wanted that the bitterness in Kaurava and Pandavas and increased.

The main reason for the downfall of Indian culture has always been that it has been the power of the ruling and the winner, even if it has won immoral way. Pandavas and Krishna have always won the battle unethically, making Durdeepi the “five” wife of the warrior and losing in the gambling along with the Raj text, there are two such arts on the character which has hollowed the foundations of Arya Dharma. Even then we gave it to Dharmaraj.

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