Sunday , September 23 2018
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About us

Hello Friends, Welcome to our education blog “Savegirlsurya  “This is Vinod Oswal a professional Blogger, Youtuber, Digital Marketer. I love doing work which makes me happy, that’s why i love blogging and Youtubing. You will love exploring educational stuff on our blog. Live your dreams as much as you can because a very best line in Hindi language “Kal! Ho NA Ho” “aaj! hai too kal bhi hoga”
All the best, Start building your dreams from “NOW”.
A mission save girls.
About this website:
It is time to bring changes in thinking, move towards women empowerment, changing the scenario. Women’s participation is remarkably increasing in all areas. ‘Women Empowerment is happening.’
These are some selected rows which have been heard in newspapers, TV news channels, and leaders from their mouths.
We show the progress of women by giving examples of some women who have achieved special achievements in their field. But if you pay attention, then some amazing women have been in every age. From Sita to Draupadi, from Razia Sultan to Rani Durgati, from Rani Lakshmibai to Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi and Sania Mirza But how much change has happened in the situation of women? And how did the common women see the change?
Actually, the real change should come in the lives of ordinary people. Need to bring change in their thinking Change them Changes in the lives of ordinary women, in their situation, changes in their thinking. That’s the real empowerment.
Crime against them is increasing. The cities are becoming unsafe. Due to some select events and a few select people, many other women and girls exit doors are closed. Need to open the closed door Letting the light come in Seeing your reflection in the light To improve it To behold. To refine
There is another door in this link, self dependency. Economic self-reliance.
They are taught from childhood that cooking is important. It is important to be taught that earning is also important. It is also important to be financially capable. Not for family but for myself Money does not bring happiness, but there comes a lot that brings happiness. If you add some excerpts in education which will also give you practical knowledge with book knowledge. Make your skills suitable. Make this worthwhile that you can afford to spend your money. Then the meaning of education will be worthwhile.
Not every earning girl is a doctor or a teacher. They can cook Parlor can run. The fabric can seal. They all come to this. They do all this. But just at home. Their skills are to bring them out of the house. To move forward.
This is a thought. Need to push this thinking forward Their skills to make their lifeline. So that they can do business when the time comes. Can run his family This will speed them up. Will give direction. Will give self-respect Will give confidence. They do not depressed. Not scared This is the wish of a happy future. Execute Do it now