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Please observe the following important safety notice to avoid possible severe danger

Please read the following information before using this device, and follow the instructions to ensure the best user experience.

◆ Please observe the following important safety notice to avoid possible severe danger

◆  Please make sure you charge or use charging devices safely

●   Please use the charger indoors.

●   Do not make or answer calls while charging. Do not charge your phone or even make a phone call while charging on stormy days as this may lead to dangers such as an electric shock.

●   Do not short-circuit, disassemble, or modify the charger as this may lead to body injuries, electric shocks, and fire, or cause damage to the charger.

●   The charger is not waterproof. Do not use the charger in high-temperature or high-humidity areas such as the kitchen or bathroom as this may lead to dangers including electric shocks and fire, or cause damage to the charger.

●   Do not use the charger when the power cord is damaged as this may lead to an electric shock or fire.

●   When not using the charger, please unplug it from the power source. Please do not keep the fully charged battery connected to the charger for too long as over-charging may reduce the service life of the battery.

◆  Please use and dispose of the battery safely

●   Do not short-circuit the battery. Short circuit occurs when some metal objects (such as keys, jewelry, cables, coins or other conducts) accidentally connect the positive pole and negative pole of the battery or the phone’s charging port. Short circuits may damage the battery or the objects connected to it, resulting in property damage or body injury.

●   Do not throw the phone or battery into fire or put it in high-temperature locations as this may lead to battery leakage, overheating, bursting, or fire.

●   Do not disassemble, weld, or modify the battery. Do not put the phone or battery in places subject to strong mechanical impact, or hit the battery with hard objects, as this may lead to battery leakage, overheating, bursting, or fire.

●   Do not disassemble, press, heat, or burn the phone or the battery, or touch or pry them with sharp objects or screwdrivers, as the above actions may lead to battery fire or burning.

●   Getting the battery electrolyte into the eye could result in blindness. In case of electrolyte splashes into the eye, do not rub the eye. Instead, immediately flush the eye thoroughly with clear water and get medical care. Exposure of the electrolyte to skin or clothing may result in skin burns. In this case, immediately wash it off with soap and clear water, and get medical care if necessary.

●   Do not use the battery for any purpose other than specified. Do not use any damaged charger or battery. In the event of overheating, discoloration, deformation, bulging, or leakage of the battery during use, charging, or storage, stop using it and replace it with a new one to avoid safety hazards.

●   The battery is not waterproof. Please do not use or charge the phone in high-temperature or high-humidity areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

●   While charging, do not put the phone together with flammable articles (such as a headboard, clothes, and books) to avoid fire as the battery temperature may rise.

●   Do not place the phone or battery around chemicals to avoid any unnecessary dangers.


◆  Do not use the phone in areas where explosions occur or could be initiated.

●   Please comply with any related safety regulations and do not use the phone in areas explosions are initiated.

●   Please turn off the phone and comply with all text and pictorial instructions in any place where explosions may be triggered. Places where explosions may be triggered include places where it is generally recommended that an automobile engine be powered off. In such places, sparks may trigger explosions or fires, resulting in injuries and even death.

●   Please do not use the phone at or near gas stations or repair shops, especially near gas pumps in gas stations.

●   Please comply with the regulations for the use of wireless devices in fuel warehouses (fuel storage and distribution areas), chemical plants, or places with other hazardous articles. Areas with potential explosion hazards generally (but not necessarily) have clear signs. Such places include: the bottom of a boat’s deck, chemical transportation or storage facilities, areas with chemical substances or particulates in the air (such as particles, dust, or metal dust).

●   Please consult automakers who use liquefied petroleum gas (for instance, propane or butane) to determine if your phone can be used in the vicinity of their automobiles.

◆  Please observe the relevant traffic safety rules

●   You should be completely focused while driving. Please make sure you keep both hands on the wheel and pay attention to driving safety. If you use the phone while driving, be sure to observe the relevant regulations of the region or country you are located.

●   When riding a bike or using other modes of transportation, you should also ensure safety and use the phone in accordance with the relevant regulations in the region or country you are located.

●   If using the phone while walking, you may get distracted and fail to avoid dangers in time. Please use the phone with caution while walking, especially in the dark, along the stairs, on a slope, at a crosswalk, in a dangerous area, or in a field.

●   Please turn off your phone as required while on airplanes. If you have to use your phone, please follow the instructions of the air crew.

◆  Please ensure the safety of children, the mentally incapacitated, and pets

●   Please place the phone, headphones, battery, charger, and all other parts out of the reach of children, people incapable of identifying their own behaviors, and pets. If children, the mentally incapacitated, or pets accidentally swallow the parts, it may lead to choking or other dangerous situations.

●   Children and the mentally incapacitated must be accompanied and guided by their parents or other custodians when using the phone or any accessories.

◆ Please observe the following notice to avoid any possible adverse effects on you and others

◆  Signal interference

●   Do not turn on the phone when the use of the phone is prohibited in an interference environment or when the use of phone may cause interference.

●   All wireless devices may be subject to interference, which may affect their performance.


◆  Interference with medical devices

●   Hospitals and healthcare institutions may use devices that are sensitive to radio frequency. Please be sure to comply with all rules and regulations.

●   The operation of any devices that transmit radio waves (including your phone) may interfere with the functions of medical devices not properly protected. If you have any questions or are not sure whether the medical devices can block external RF energy, consult the doctor or medical device manufacturer. Please turn off your phone in hospitals or healthcare locations where phones are explicitly required to be powered off. Hospitals and healthcare locations are possibly using equipment that are sensitive to external RF energy.

●   Pacemaker and implantable cardioverter-defibrillator: when the phone is turned on, a distance of more than 6 inches (about 16 cm) should be kept between the pacemaker or implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and the phone. Do not put the phone in your coat pocket. Please use the phone on the other side of the medical device to reduce potential interference. If any interference is suspected, turn off the phone immediately.

●   Hearing aid, cochlear implant: certain digital wireless devices may interfere with some hearing aids or cochlear implants. If such interference occurs, please consult the manufacturer for solutions.

●   Other medical devices: if you or people around you use other medical devices, please consult the manufacturer of these devices to make sure whether or not they can adequately block surrounding RF signals. Or you can consult a doctor for the relevant information.

◆  Notice for the use of the headphones, receiver, and speaker

●   Excessive exposure to loud sound may result in hearing impairment.

●   ◆sing the headphones for extended periods and at high volumes when listening to music or making calls may result in ear discomfort or hearing impairment.

●   When using the headphones while walking or moving, make sure the cable does not wind around your arms or surrounding objects.

●   When used in a dry environment, the headphones are susceptible to static electricity. Your ears may be subject to electrostatic shock. Before plugging the headphones into the phone, you can discharge the static electricity by washing your hands or touching unpainted metal objects.

●   On certain occasions, use of the speaker may be prohibited or may affect others. You are advised to use headphones under such circumstances.

◆  Other notices for phone use

●   Playing games for prolonged periods of time on the phone may cause discomfort in the body. Take at least a 15 minute rest each hour you play games. If you feel any discomfort while playing games, stop playing immediately. If the discomfort persists, visit the hospital for an examination immediately.

●   If you use the phone for prolonged periods of time or in improper postures, you may be subject to eye strain or pains in the neck, hand, finger, or other joints. Please use the phone in a proper posture and keep an appropriate distance between the phone and your eyes, and avoid prolonged periods of use. If you feel any discomfort while using the phone, stop using it immediately and take a rest. If the discomfort persists, see a doctor immediately.

●   Please adjust the brightness to a moderate level. Excessive brightness in dark environments may result in eye discomfort and affect your eyesight.

●   Please do not keep your eyes too close to the flash or look into the flash for a prolonged period of time.

●   On some occasions, use of the flash may be prohibited or may affect others. You are advised to disable the flash under such circumstances.

●   On some occasions, speaking on the phone in a loud voice or sending audio messages may be prohibited or may affect others. You are advised to speak in a low voice or move to appropriate areas under such circumstances.

●   If the device is overheated, stop using the device or apps for a while. Prolonged exposure of the skin to a high-temperature device may lead to low-temperature burns, such as red dots or hyperpigmentation.

●   Please place your phone as well as its parts and accessories properly to prevent it from dropping and injuring you and others.

●   Please do not throw the phone or its parts and accessories to avoid causing possible injuries to others.

◆ Please read and learn the following information and data security notice


●   Vivo will not disclose any personal information submitted by a user to the public or to any non-affiliated third parties, unless: (1) prior authorization has been explicitly granted by the user; (2) it is a must for providing the user with requested products and services; (3) it is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, or requested by court or government authorities, and (4) for the protection of the legal rights of Vivo.


◆  During use of the phone, improper operations or malware and viruses may cause leak of your personal information or data. You are advised to use the device according to the following instructions:

●   Do not download unknown apps. Use the store to download and install apps, and switch off Unknown Sources in Settings > More Settings > Security.

●   Do not visit untrusted websites. When prompted with messages such as untrusted website or other exceptions, stop access immediately.

●   Set a screen lock for your device, remember the screen password, and do not disclose the password to others.

●   Avoid reading untrusted messages or emails, and be cautious when opening a link in a stranger’s message or email to avoid a virus attack.

●   Avoid connecting to low-security public Wi-Fi, and if an exception occurs after connection, disconnect from it immediately.

●   To ensure your data security, we recommend you to regularly back up the data that you need to save, such as contacts, notes, messages, and other important data.


◆ Please read the following guidelines for use and handling for better maintenance of the phone

◆  Notice of general storage and use

●   The phone is not waterproof. Please keep your phone and accessories dry. Rainwater, humidity, and various liquids or moisture may contain minerals that may corrode the electronic circuit.

●   Dust may damage your phone. Do not use or store your phone in dusty or dirty places.

●   Do not use or store the phone in overheated areas. High-temperatures may shorten the service life of electronic devices and damage the battery, causing certain plastic parts to deform or melt.

●   Do not use or store the phone in extremely cold areas. If you do, when the temperature of the phone rises to the normal temperature, moisture may develop inside, damaging the circuit board.

●   Avoid dropping, hitting, or shaking the phone. Mishandling your phone may cause the screen to crack or damage the internal circuit board and its intricate structure.

●   When using power-hungry apps or using some apps for a prolonged period of time on the device, it is normal that the device may feel hot. The service life or performance of the device will not be affected.

●   When not using the charger, please unplug it from the power source.

●   Do not charge your phone for more than 12 hours continuously.

●   Please turn on the phone and install or uninstall the accessories in accordance with the instructions. Do not try other methods.

●   When inserting/removing a SIM card or SD card, or connecting the data cable to the phone, make sure that the card or cable is inserted or connected on the correct side.

●   Please do not remove the card when transferring or accessing data, or it may result in data loss or damage to the phone or SD card.

●   Force inserting a SIM card or SD card, or improperly connecting the data cable may cause damage to the connector or other parts of the phone.

●   If you use a SIM card to access the Internet, the corresponding charges may be incurred according to the policy of your carrier.


◆  Notice of accessory use and device connection

●   There are two industry standards for the headphones (3.5 mm with mic) jack. Using a different standard jack could lead to low volumes or noises due to hardware incompatibility. If your Vivo headphones function well when used with a Vivo phone, but encounter the above-mentioned issue when used with other phones or audio devices, then the issue results from incompatibility of your Vivo headphones with the device jack. In this case, press and hold the button on the headphones’ mic to recover the function.

●   For your safety, please use the accessories and batteries approved by Vivo. Use of other accessories and batteries may damage the mobile phone and lead to danger. The accessories can be purchased at local Vivo stores.

●   When connecting the phone to another device, please read the instructions of the device to obtain detailed safety descriptions. Do not connect the phone to any incompatible products.


◆  Notice of cleaning

●   Do not clean the phone using chemical solvents or detergents. To clean the phone, rub the cover of the phone using a soft cotton fabric moistened with clear water or mild soap.

●   ◆se a clean and dry soft cloth to clean the lenses (such as the lens of the camera) and the display.

●   Do not paint the phone. Paint may block the phone parts, affecting normal operation.

◆  Notice for troubleshooting and after-sale services

●   If an exception such as crash occurs during use, please force restart the phone as follows (may differ between different models): 1) press and hold the Power button for more than 12 seconds; or 2) press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button at the same time for more than 10 seconds.

●   Only Vivo service staff can disassemble, install, or repair the product.

●   Others shall not disassemble the phone, charger, or other accessories. If something is wrong with the phone, battery, or accessories, please contact a local Vivo after-sales service center.

◆ Emergency call

●   The phone supports emergency calls, but the feature may not be available in areas out of service or when the phone is out of power.

●   Make sure that the phone is in the network service area and is turned on. Enter the emergency number as needed, make the call, and tell the callee your location.


◆ Environmental protection

●   Please do not put the phone and its accessories or any parts together with general household garbage. Please dispose of the phone or used battery in accordance with local laws and regulations, contributing to environmental protection.

◆ Disclaimer

●   The contents and services provided on this device (including this Safety Information) shall be owned by Vivo or a third party and protected by applicable copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property laws. Use of the contents and services herein shall be subject to the permission or consent of the related rights holders. Your use of the contents and services herein is limited to personal and non-commercial use as permitted or consented to. Unless explicitly approved by the related rights holders, or otherwise specified by applicable laws, you shall not modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse-engineer, copy, transmit, spread, change, rent, or sub-license the contents and services in any form, or involve yourself in other commercial uses or the infringement of intellectual property and proprietary rights.

●   Vivo makes no representations or warranties regarding the contents and services provided by third parties. The contents and services provided by third parties may be discontinued or suspended, or fail to work due to incompatibility with this device, or subject you to losses. You shall use the contents and services provided by third parties at your own risk, and Vivo shall not assume responsibilities for any consequences.

●   Vivo shall not assume responsibilities for issues of suspension or unavailability during your use of this device, as well as the contents and services provided on this device that may be attributed to network service providers or transmission devices.

●   The contents of this Safety Information are provided “as is” and without any form of representations or warranties. Vivo is exempt from all explicit, implied, statutory, and other representations or warranties to the maximum extent permitted by law, including but not limited to representations or warranties related to accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of ownership and intellectual property rights, as well as liabilities for any indirect, collateral, and special damages or losses you incur from this Safety Information or related contents and any products and services described herein. Vivo’s liabilities for any damages you incur shall be limited to the payment you have made to purchase this product to the extent permitted by law.

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