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Mother, at this time I want to read it for you,

DINNER DATE 🙏 with mother

One day suddenly my wife talked to me – “Listen, if I tell you to go out for dinner with someone else and for the film then what would you say?”
I said – “I would say that you do not love me now”.
He said – “I love you, but I know that this woman loves you too much and spending some time with you will be a dream for them.”

She was the other woman no one else was my mother. Who lived alone from me Due to my busyness, I used to go to meet him sometime.

I called Mom and asked them to eat dinner with me and walk out for a movie.

“You are right, no, there is no problem between you two” Mother asked

My mother was a woman of little mood swings For me, this kind of phone was a sign of my problem.
“There was no problem. I just thought that going out with you would be a pleasant feeling.” I answered and said ‘only we both will walk’.

He thought for a moment about this and then said, ‘Okay.’

On Friday evening, when I reached home, I saw that he was also waiting at the door. She was wearing a beautiful dress and her cheek was shining in a different happiness.

The mother said in the car “I told my friends that I am going to eat out with my son. She was very impressed”.

We reached a restaurant of mother’s choice which was not very elegant but it was nice and comfortable. We sat down, and I started looking at the menu. While reading the menu I lifted my eyes and saw that he was watching me and a sad smile was on his lips.

‘When you were young, I used to read these men for you’, he said.

‘Mother, at this time I want to read it for you,’ I answered.

During the dinner, we started discussions about the recent incidents in each other’s life. We talked so much about each other that when the time of the movie came out we did not even know.

Later, while returning home, the mother said that if the next time I let them pay the bill, they would like to come back with me for dinner again.
I said “what does the difference between the mother when you want and who makes the bill payment.
Mother said that there is a difference and the next time Bill will pay only that.

“At home, the wife asked” – how was it?
“Excellent, something better than what you thought” – I answered.

A few days after this incident, my mother passed away due to a heart attack. It happened so suddenly that I could not do anything for them.

After some mom’s death, I found an envelope in which the mother had a letter with the receipt of the advance payment of the same restaurant in which the mother wrote, “My son, I do not know if I will be able to go back to dinner with you or not I have made advance payment of the anticipated bill of two people’s food. If I do not go then you must definitely go to eat with your wife.
That night did you say that it does not matter. The only woman in the house like me does make a difference, you do not know that every moment that night spent with you was one of the best moments of my life.
May God always keep you happy.
I love you “.
Your mother

At that moment I realized the importance of giving time to my loved ones and feeling their love.

Nothing in life is more important than your own family.

Not whatsapp

No facebook

No mobile

No laptop


Neither TV nor TV.

Give your family time for their share, because with them there is the basis of happiness in their lives.

Share this message with all those people

Who have old parents

Have children


Those who love and who are waiting for them …

Now it goes, but your visits do not come back.

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