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Personal Safety Tips For Women

Personal Safety Tips For Women

It is your responsibility to be prepared to defend yourself if you are caught in a situation that you may be the target of an act of violence. There are many personal protection products sold today that will allow you to protect yourself and loved ones, such as a Tasers, Pepper Spray, and Stun Guns.

There are also some things that can be done for your protection that will not cost you anything other than using your best judgment and intuition when making decisions.
Here are some tips that will help you to remain safe and secure.

General Safety Tips:

o If you feel or see a problem, do whatever you can to avoid a confrontation, change your route, cross the street, and if this fails prepare to defend yourself.

o Do not look like an easy target, look strong and confident-most fights are won before they start as most aggressors will back down if you maintain eye contact and are not intimidated by them.

o Do not hitchhike, always use the bus or take a taxi if you do not have transportation.

o Do not wear revealing clothing or gaudy jewelry when you are walking on the streets alone.

o Always carry a personal protection product with you at all times.

Being Safe While in Your Automobile:

o Always approach your vehicle with your keys in hand and ready.

o Check your vehicle before you enter.

o Getting in and out of, and walking to your vehicle should be considered danger areas.

o Do not leave you car unlocked even for the few minutes it takes you to run into the convenience store, attackers have been known to lay in wait for these opportunities.

o Windows and doors should be locked even while driving to prevent unwanted passengers at intersections and stop lights.

o Always remain alert when in parking lots or parking garages, and if you are concerned about going to your vehicle ask someone to escort you. Between, behind, and under cars are good places for someone to hide and wait on the unsuspecting person.

o Have your personal protection equipment within reach.

Safety while using public transportation services:

o When waiting on the bus or taxi to arrive try to wait in a coffee shop or a well lighted area.

o Choose an isle seat when possible to prevent being blocked in by a potential attacker.

o During the evening hours try and pick the train compartment that is carrying the most passengers. There is safety in numbers.

o If you are taking the bus try and get a seat behind the bus driver or near the exit door.

o Be sure that your personal protection product is readily available.

Safety When Taking a Taxi:

o Check the identification of all drivers when using a taxi service. This is usually located on the visor or clipped to the dashboard of the taxi.

o Avoid flagging taxis from the street, always call and order taxi service so the driver and taxi can be traced.

o Try and sit in the seat next to the taxi driver and not in the back seat if you are alone.

o Be aware of taxis with a power locking mechanism.

Walking/Jogging Safety:

o Be alert and aware of you surroundings, do not go places that seem to be dangerous.

o Do not assume that the area your in is safe because it has been safe in the past. Predators can be anywhere so be prepared.

o Become familiar with that area that you walk or jog in, and make mental notes of safe houses or safe places that can be used if the need arises.

o Do not use a “walkman or ipod” when jogging or walking in isolated areas at any time. This will reduce your awareness of the area.

o Change you routes and routines on a regular basis to avoid any would be predators from being able to track your movements or actions.

o Always carry a personal protection product on your person.

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