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Self Defense Should Be Every Woman’s Choice

Self Defense Should Be Every Woman’s Choice
By Vinod Oswal

Remember when you were told to yell Fire instead of Rape or Help in case you ever got attacked? Ever wonder why? I think the answer is simple and is still true today — people just don’t want to think about or get involved in unpleasant things. If you don’t think about it, maybe it will go away or not exist at all. If only.

Unfortunately, this attitude can only hurt women. Women, you and me, have to be aware — we have to be prepared. We can’t afford to think that “those things only happen to other people.”

There are basic precautions that you can take:

In the Home

* When moving into a new home replace locks or have them re-keyed

* Have a peep hole installed in your front door.

* Keep doors locked at all times.

* If someone knocks at your door do not open it, unless you know who is there and are confident that it is safe to open.

* Never admit that you are alone.

* All entrances and garages should be well lit.

* Keep one light on inside the house at night.

* Get a dog. Any police officer will tell you that a barking dog is a deterrent. But if you can’t have a dog, at least get an Electronic Watch Dog — put one of these in your home and any potential intruder will be announced by the warm fuzzy sounds of a German Shepherd standing guard.

* If possible get a surveillance system. A wireless surveillance system is best because there in no expensive installation; you can move the cameras, that come with it, to different locations; and you can take the system with you if you move.

* Keep a stun gun or a Taser or at least pepper spray next to your bed.

In and Around Your Car

* Lock your car anytime you are inside it for safety. Also, lock it whenever you park it, even in your driveway to keep someone from hiding inside.

* When parking at night, select a place that is well lit.

* Anytime you approach your car look around and inside before you get in.

* In parking areas be aware of other people, especially those close to your car.

* If you think you are being followed drive to a public place or police station for help.

* Carry a cell phone in case your car breaks down.

* Keep plenty of gas in the gas tank.

* If possible travel on well lit streets.

* Keep a stun gun or stun baton in your car.

* When you leave your car for repairs do not leave your house key on the key chain.

Walking in Public Places

* If possible do not walk alone.

* Stay in well lit areas as much as possible.

* Don’t take shortcuts where you might be in a deserted area.

* Always be aware of your surroundings.

* Walk and act confidently; don’t appear vulnerable.

* Keep a stun gun or pepper spray in your hand or on your belt, not in your purse.

* Walk facing traffic.

* Walk close to the curb avoiding doorways and alleys where someone can hide.

* If someone stops you for directions, reply from a distance and never close to their car.

* If you carry a purse hold it close to your body.

* Trust your instincts. If you feel you are in danger do not be afraid to attract attention — this is not the time to be shy.

Seriously consider carrying a stun gun or pepper spray with you. Even a mini stun gun is effective and simple to use. You might wish to carry a camouflaged stun gun like the cell phone stun gun that looks exactly like a cell phone. This unique design gives you an important tactical advantage. Pepper sprays come in many different styles that will fit any situation. Pepper sprays, like stun guns, although highly effective, cause no permanent damage.

Your choice is simple: Stand up for yourself — refuse to be a victim.

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