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The ability in women to take decisions in their personal and professional life and having equal rights as men have in all area of fields like personal, political, legal and so on.

Nowadays women empowerment is the very intense topic among the people.In various fields, women are taking active participation and realize their full potential.


Women Empowerment: Need of hour

As women working with men in all areas, they need an independent outlook either at home or work place.Now they are gaining control over lives and taking decisions with respect to their career, profession, and lifestyle.

With increasing no. of working women, they are getting financial independence, and this gives them the confidence to live their life according to their own.But doing so, women are also taking care to balance between their personal and professional life. they are playing multiple roles of mother, daughter, sister, wife and so on with remarkable harmony.With equal chances, they are cooperating with their male counterparts to complete each other works.

The extent of women empowerment is not limited to urban only but women in rural areas are also defining their presence in society.Irrespective of their educational and socio economic background they are making their presence felt.But many of them face discrimination, exploitation, and harassment and are often subjected to get rape, abuse, and intellectual vi0lence.

empowerment of women get achieved only when there will be the change in the attitude of society, the rural areas of the society are still refuse to give the equal opportunity in the matter of education, social position, and marriage.

Women Empowerment: Making the World a better place

In this era, women are standing and working shoulder to shoulder with men, and now they are empowered to take the decision about their life,  and this made us live in the age of women empowerment.



It leads to increase the confidence of women in various fields and decrease their dependency on others with respect to financial requirements as well as decision-making ability.

  1. increase their ability to make the contribution for well being of society.
  2. they will able to gain respectful position in the society.
  3. their participation will help in the growth of the GDP of the country.


  • To remove the gender based inequalities and injustice, women’s empowerment is required.
  • it will provide them the secure environment of working.
  • it will protect them against exploitation and harassment.
  • it will help women to make their own identity.
  • To receive their contributions for the growth of country the women empowerment is necessary.
  • it will help women to get employed and will help the growth of the global economy.
  • to build a progressive society, women need to be provided equal chances.


There are many ways to get women empowered like by providing education, communication skills, the power of the internet and disposable income etc.

Education: To get women empowered they are encouraged to go for the higher studies so that they can contribute to the power of their knowledge without education women cannot get empowered.

Communication skills: to raise the voice of women loud and clear in the society, it is very necessary to improve the communication skills of the women.To become a successful leader in the society it is necessary to develop their communication skills.they have to be able to put their point of views in front of their team and colleagues.

Disposable Income: To be financially independent, women need to have earned so that they can take part in the financial decision to govern their lives.

The power of Internet: utilization of internet has open the roads of knowledge and awareness related to the various field, it increased the social interactions between the far way people and influences the women.


the world is going through major process of transformation in this contemporary society and the one other need is to change the condition of  women through women empowerment , in this male dominated society, the change in attitude of society towards the women can improve the development of the society and can help in the professional growth of  the country as well as the world and make the world beautiful , the empowerment of women can change the face of world in various aspect as well as the behavior of human being which can create various opportunity for the individuals  as well as country’s  growth.

 You educate a man ; 

  you educate a man,

   You educate a WOMAN ;

You educate a generation


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