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Two breasts are a vagina and penis probably rape due to them.

Not the cause of breast rape can not be Small women who have no breasts also get rap.
Then this is due to the vagina’s rape. No! How many cases are child abuse, where the boy boy is raped? There is no vejaana there.
That is, Rape is due to Penis.
But how many hostels and prison records have been heard, where boys are raped. That is, those who have a penis also have a rape. And if the rape was due only to the penis, then after the gang rape / rap, why did the Kankar glass (incident of Delhi / Rohtak, and such thousands of incidents happening in the reports) in the girl’s body?
That is, rape penis is not caused by the vagina (body structure).
Rap is due to the mentality that allows the girl to pee off the gap between two buttons of a shirt. Who stare at the strip of bra showing the corner of the suit. And imagine the woman’s breast. Who stare at the shirts of a girl wearing a skirt. When a skirt slips, I can see the color of the paint. Penty neither seen anything

Those who think about the couples sitting in the park, wish they could get this girl, I do not know.

That mentality when a friend says to another – did you stay in the night with your girl friend and you did nothing, what is it?
Rape is due to just a bad mindset. Where the woman is just the stuff used. Not many people.

I and my shameful words ”

Every month, MoftSpass Lu is not compatible. Have the courage to bear the pain. Otherwise, eating pen-killer gets used every day … but when I need it, I’ll eat the tablet. The first day of the pyrido Lower abdomains, back pens and legs seem to clutter. Entered into the metro. So crowd on Central Secretariat There is no chance of getting seat. Ledges from the top did not even get into the coach. Train arrives at the station Speak to a boy, exquisite please, you will get up, my health is not good. … he looked at the other guy sitting in the side, then said, I also sat still. Many people think that girls make excuses to take the seat. And it is not an easy thing to give a seat, no matter whether it is power or the metro …. Then I came down on shamelessly (in the eyes of the people) … brother is periods please please give me this seat. Standing in. The other people sitting in the seat were stared at me … Some people passed down like the stations went on, and the eyes were stuck in such a way. And my discomfort too. I was thinking that life also runs on such theory. All the right and natural things seem to be uncomfortable with the time. It seems that many people are thinking, some have thought that they would be shameless Someone else would have thought that something else would say .. So far whenever the college, the office, the Kellig had to say something, then the words used to speak of the pyridids is Fever … Now Fever speaks only when Fever Happens … now every month Fever does not contain periods …. !!!

If the rape is directly related to clothing, humans had come long ago from the clothes in this world. It took many thousands of years to develop the mind of man to understand that covering the body. Before the garments, the leaves of the trees and the skin of animals also remained on man’s body for many centuries. At that time it was not necessary to cover the private parts. It was necessary to cover the body. Do you understand the meaning of body, do not you? !!! According to which people say that small clothes are the reason for rap, according to that every person will be busy only in the rape. Because the woman’s body was not dressed or man’s ..After seeing the BBC’s India’s Daughter documentary, it was surprising that the thinking of the rapist and a lawyer was quite the same. The rapist who was from the lowest section of society, where there is no such thing as education and another lawyer, sahib who belongs to a well-educated society. That is, one thing is certain that there is a huge flaw in our education system, those who are educated also have the same mentality which the illiterate Garar people have. Not only this, in the last few occasions, on the events of the rape, not only these lawyers, but also many leaders sitting in the Parliament and the statements of many police officers sitting on high posts in UP came similar.

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